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-What's more important in a pressure washer: PSI & GPM?

This all depends on what application your pressure is being used for. When you have heavy soils to wash, gallons per minute (GPM) can be most important factor. When you have stuck-on grime, pounds per square inch of pressure (PSI) can be most important.

A quality pressure washer cleaning system will provide the proper balance of volume and pressure. To make sure you choose the right power washer for your jobs, contact us today for more information. Our knowledgeable staff will recommend the perfect hot water or cold water pressure washers to suit your needs.

What type of pressure cleaning accessories do I really need?

Pressure washer accessories are a relatively minor cost that can have a major impact on the task at hand, while also saving wear-and-tear on your hot & cold water pressure washers.

The vast majority of pressure washers use far too much detergent, this is a result of the detergent valve being opened all the way. A fixed orifice system can be installed to allow the right concentration of detergent needed to achieve maximum cleaning results while using the minimum amount of detergent.

A hose reel is another popular power washing accessory that can help keep your pressure hose from lying on the ground where it can absorb oil and grease or get damaged by vehicles driving over it.

Check out our Part & Accessories page to download a complete catalog of all our Part & Accessories or give us a call and we can help to point you in the right direction.

-How do I know if I need a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer?

If you are dealing with any kind of grease or oil, you will need a hot water pressure washer to cut through the grease. If you are trying to remove any caked-on dirt or mud, a cold water pressure washer will be the perfect fit. If you're still unsure about the type of pressure washer setup is right for you, give us a call and speak with a power washing experts (800) 652-2864.

What kind of warranty comes with a Hotsy?

We offer a 7-year guarantee on the Hotsy pumps and a 5-year guarantee on the heating coils. For more info on our complete warranty, Contact us today!

-What kind Pressure Washing Detergents and Soap do I need?

Hotsy Breakthrough is concentrated detergent that’s very effective on crude oil and caked-on buildup of wheel grease, but is gentle enough for cars and general cleaning purposes. Hotsy Breakthrough helps to restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces as well.

Hotsy Brown detergent is caustic based for fast and thorough cleaning. This non-butyl product is particularly effective on carbon-based deposits such as road film and exhaust stains, as well as dirt and grease.

Hotsy Ripper II is an extra heavy-duty detergent that is caustic-based for really tough cleaning jobs such as heavy equipment and off-road machinery. Ripper II cleaning detergent is very effective on hydraulic-oil stains and works great on heavy deposits of dirt and grease.

-What are some of the benefits to using a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters/Furnace?

Businesses that service their own vehicle fleets, engine repair specialists and many others can saved money and energy with by switching to Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters/Furnace .There are roughly 140,000 BTU’s in every gallon of used waste oil. They are an environmentally sound alternative to disposing of used oil.





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