About our company

What’s important to know about the team at North Texas Sales & Distribution

NTXSD distributes Hotsy pressure washers and steam cleaners, custom trailer rigs, cleaning systems, clean burn oil heatersreplacement parts, hot water washers, cold water washers and high-pressure pumps.

For people seeking a pressure washer expert in North Texas, you have come to right web page! Here at North Texas Sales and Distribution, we specialize in helping our clients in North TX get their equipment, property and surfaces to a maximum state of clean with the best name in the industry for high-pressure washers.

We believe in supplying only the best hot water cleaning equipment on the market and backing it up with fast, responsive on-site service by our factory certified technicians. We are proud of the fact we that we made over 8,500 on-site, next day service calls last year – and we had the parts to finish the job over 95% of the time.

We not only serve our customers with competitive prices, but we share specialized advice when you come in and look at the products we sell. If you’re worried about stains on equipment, or aren’t sure what type of cleaning systems is needed for your business, our experts will walk you through the equipment options available, work out a payment plan to meet your needs and go offer a maintenance plan that will help you protect your investment. Our products carry the best warranties in the industry. Rest assured, if you need service down the road, you can trust our expert service technicians to be there in a timely manner.

Our sales and service are delivered to customers in a friendly fashion. To make an appointment for a free demo or ask questions about products you see for sale on our website, call our Dallas location at (214) 630-7310, our Odessa location at 432-653-1784,  or Kilgore at  903-984-0099. Each purchase is handled with care and your satisfaction with your Hotsy pressure washer or clean burn oil heater is our ultimate goal, and we will do what it takes to keep your business.

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