Pressure Washer Cleaning Concrete

One of the most important features of a pressure washer—and why, in effect, it can be such a useful tool—is its PSI, or pounds per square inch. This essentially signifies the pressure that is being dispersed and is available in different levels. However, not all levels are created equal; the PSI you need all depends… Read more »

Oil Stain on Concrete Driveway

Concrete is the go-to driveway material for most residential or commercial property owners, and for good reason. But through the years, your driveway is bound to get a beating, resulting in inevitable oil and grease stains. So here are a few tricks of the trade to help you remove tough stains from your concrete driveway!… Read more »

Worker pressure washing stairs

So, you’re shopping for a pressure washer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You want the meanest cleaning machine on the market, but first you have to decide: hot water vs. cold water? Before you decide which to purchase, think about what you need it for! Trying to fight off dirt and grime? Or… Read more »

Hotsy Pressure Washer on Sidewalk

Pressure washers are immensely helpful, but just like any other power tool they can be dangerous if handled carelessly. Many of Hotsy’s pressure washers can deliver powerful jets of water at pressures upwards of 3000 PSI. Find yourself on the wrong side of that jet, and you can inflict some serious bodily harm. Likewise, it… Read more »

Pressure Washer Hose

You may know your pressure washer like the back of your hand, but do you happen to know about all its accessories that help get the job done? One of the most important accessories is your pressure washer hose. Here’s what to know! Your pressure washer hose will often consist of 3 layers The inner… Read more »

Pressure Washing Concrete

Looking to give your concrete a deep clean? It’s time to put your pressure washer to good use, yet again! A pressure washer is one of the most efficient ways to remove built-up dirt and stains from your concrete, making it look like new again. How? Here are 3 tips for pressure washing concrete! Choose… Read more »

Pressure Washing Outdoor Furniture

Notorious for ripping through dirt and grime, pressure washers remove muck from fences, tidy up your deck, and give your house siding a fresh look. As strong as they are, however, pressure washers go beyond performing solely heavy-duty tasks. Here are five other surprising items you can clean with a pressure washer. 1. Outdoor furniture… Read more »

Pressure Washer Cleaning

As we close out the year, we celebrate the holidays, look back at the year and prepare for all there is to new in 2019. However, lurking in the shadows this season is the constant threat of illness. December marks the start of the typical peak months for cold and flu season, and this year… Read more »