Cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance regimen of any manufacturing operation. Not only can a rigorous cleaning routine make your manufacturing plant a more pleasant place to work, it can also reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and malfunctions. The experience many manufacturer workers have had in the past year has been stressful…. Read more »

Hotsy Pressure Washer to clean

A handheld pressure washer wand might be ideal for cleaning large pieces of heavy equipment, but when it comes time to cleaning the entire floor of your shop, you might need something that can easily cover more surface area. Using a handheld wand to clean large flat surfaces can be a slow, tedious process that… Read more »

When companies invest in an industrial pressure washer for their cleaning needs, it’s typically because they need a powerful tool for removing stubborn dirt, grit and grime from surfaces. With rugged pumps capable of delivering jets of water at upwards of 3000 PSI, Hotsy’s pressure washers fit that bill perfectly. What you may not realize,… Read more »

Electric Powered Pressure Washer from Hotsy

Sometimes, you need the raw power of a gas powered pressure washer to remove tough stains and grime. For other jobs, however, a quiet, zero emission electric pressure is a much better answer. These pressure washers, by virtue of their simple design, are extremely rugged and reliable. Because they have no exhaust, they are ideal… Read more »

For any business that deals with waste oils, adding a Clean Burn oil heater is a great option to efficiently dispose of leftover oil while heating your workspace. There comes plenty of benefits when you use a Clean Burn Oil Heater. It’s environmentally friendly, which is what every company should be striving for these days…. Read more »

The water pump is essentially the heart of your pressure washer; without it, your machine can not operate. That’s why you need to take extra measures to ensure that it is in full working order. Signs it Needs to be Changed Most people who use a high-powered pressure washer describe the water as developing a… Read more »