4 Expert Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

While pressure washers are engineered to get the job done, they’re nothing without regular maintenance. And, frankly, there are several routine tasks that you can do yourself—DIY, let’s call it—to make sure your pressure washer is always running smoothly.

Here are a few to keep in mind:

Keep the “well-oiled machine” well-oiled

Pressure Washer MaintenanceOne of the keys to ensuring longevity with a pressure washer is to constantly add lubrication.

Whether it’s the extension wand, the spray gun, or the hose itself, you’ll want to add any sort of lubricating oil that you have to these parts, in order to prevent wear-and-tear over time.

Clean the cleaning machine

With such high-pressured water, it’s no surprise when debris or dirt gets inside of the pressure washer itself—this is all too common. But you don’t want this sediment to build up, and ultimately crack the machine. So, after every spray, do your due diligence to clean up all of the parts.

Oh right, the O-ring!

It may be small, but the O-ring is one of the most crucial parts of any pressure washers. Why? Due to daily wear-and-tear, these rings can erode, which leads to water leakage and damage to the pressure washer. So always make sure the O-ring is either new, or functioning properly.

Check the power

If it’s gas-powered, do a routine check to see if anything’s blocking the exhaust that powers the pressure washer. If it’s electrical, then ensure its well-insulated, and that everything is running just right.

With these tips in mind, your pressure washer will be well-maintained, and ready to take on its next job with ease. For all of your pressure washing accessories, repair and maintenance, call on North Texas Sales & Distribution.

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