A Brief Explanation of Hotsy’s Pressure Nozzles

Even the most powerful pressure washer in the world wouldn’t be much use without the right nozzle. That’s why Hotsy manufactures its own line of pressure nozzles with a variety of different orifice sizes and spray patterns. These interchangeable nozzles make Hotsy’s pressure washers even more versatile, so you can use them for a wide variety of application. These nozzles are color coded according to their spray pattern for easy identification.

Red – Zero Degree

This nozzle delivers a narrow, precise stream of water—perfect for cutting through caked-on mud on heavy equipment.

Yellow – 15 Degree

This nozzle sprays water in a slightly wider arc—roughly the width of a putty knife. It’s great for clearing dirt from walkways or building exteriors.

Green – 25 Degree

This offers a wider spray pattern that’s ideal for cleaning large, uninterrupted surfaces.

White – 40 Degree

Finally, Hotsy’s white nozzle offers the widest spray pattern of all. These nozzles can be useful for rinsing detergent off of equipment, or cleaning surfaces that might be damaged by a high-pressure narrow spray pattern.

Remember: It’s important to choose not only the right spray pattern, but also the right orifice size. Choosing a nozzle with an orifice that’s too large will compromise water pressure, while an orifice that’s too small can cause damage to the pressure washer’s motor. Be sure to check the number located on the side of the nozzle to ensure you choose the right size for your pressure washer. You can also consult the Hotsy Parts Catalog for reference. To learn more about all of Hotsy’s available pressure nozzle options, check out the video below!