A Helpful Guide to Your Pressure Washer

Between the stain on your driveway, the built-up dirt on your car, and the grime on your heavy equipment, cleaning can seem impossible. However, cleaning these caked-on messes is very possible with a trusted pressure washer at your side.

Everyone knows that a pressure washer produces an aggressive stream of water that can magically make your belongings seem new again, but not many understand the essential parts of this well-oiled machine and how it works.

Electric- or gas-powered washer

There are two possible driving forces behind a pressure washer: an electric motor or a gas engine.

  • Pressure Washing Guide and Parts in TXAn electric pressure washer is best used by people who are on-the-go. It is usually smaller and portable, with little to no maintenance.
  • A gas-powered pressure washer is also portable but features a larger build and a longer life span. Gas-powered washers tend to be more powerful compared to electric-powered.

Water inlet & pump

The water inlet is the hose connecting your main water source to your pressure washer, preventing debris and dirt from infiltrating the water flow. The water pump is what drives the water in a pressure washer, acting like a heart, pumping the necessary liquid to where it’s needed.

High-pressure hose, nozzles, and other attachments

The high-pressure hose allows for high-pressured water to travel through to the appropriate cleaning attachments you have connected at the moment. Then you can connect different nozzles and wands that can help you with clean a variety of surfaces more efficiently.

Once you understand the different components of your pressure washer, it’s easy to see how it works!

The power supply drives the water pump, composed of plungers that help suck and eject water. One plunger will move up, drawing water into an input check valve, and when it comes down, the water is forcefully pushed through an output check valve. When you press the trigger, a stream of pressurized water is produced.

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