Advantages of Using Hotsy Radiant Heating Systems

In other parts of the country, violent snow storms will sometimes hinder the production of construction companies and warehouse workers, but not in our Lone Star state; we know how to work around cooler temperature changes.

If your business deals with a lot of outdoor projects, then you have every reason to want to keep your work schedule on pace so that these projects are completed in time for spring. Hotsy radiant heating systems can help you do that. Here’s how.

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat relies on the transfer of infrared light to cooler objects. When this happens, the evenly-distributed heat penetrates the object just as the rays of the sun would a lawn. Air is not heated or moved during this process, and the traveling of heat is unaffected by wind or colder temperatures. Hotsy has streamlined this process so that it produces very little odor and exhaust fumes. Radiant heat processes are the most efficient forms of heating with a 100 percent conversion success rate of fuel to energy.

When is Radiant Heat Useful?

Businesses that benefit from radiant heat include construction companies, warehouse production companies, stadium maintenance teams, and home owners, to name a few. Machines such as those a part of the Hotsy HeatMizer Radiant Portable Heaters Systems, can be used to provide heat at sporting events, to thaw ice on concrete driveways, and to heat up warehouses. Radiant heat allows your business to resume operations as normal during seasonal temperature changes. These systems also prevent your production processes from slowing down.

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