Benefits of Radiant Heat

Fall is just days away, which means colder weather is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to consider alternative heating options. As the cost of energy rises, it is becoming increasingly important for homeowners and commercial Benefits of Radiant Heatproperty owners to come up with more affordable ways to heat their properties. Consequently, radiant heaters have become a popular alternative, especially for business owners who operate outdoors during cooler months. So, what is it about radiant heat that makes it work so efficiently? Below is a discussion of what radiant heat is, how it differs from other heat sources, and why it might be advantageous to get a Val6 radiant heater for your home or business.

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a kind of heat that is generated when electromagnetic waves, through which radiant energy is transmitted, are intercepted and absorbed. Rather than warming the air, energy given off by radiant heaters will heat surrounding objects. This means that radiant heaters can warm up a room or an object without coming in direct contact with the heat source. This type of heat is similar to that of direct sunlight, in the sense that radiant heat from the sun is absorbed by our clothes to warm our bodies.

Difference Between Radiant Heat and Forced-Air

The main difference between radiant heat and forced-air is that radiant heaters warms a space through objects while forced-air heaters (as their name implies) warms the air. Because a forced-air heater simply moves warm air around, the heat can rise and pool at the ceiling. This is extremely inefficient and can be a huge problem for business owners who have crew members working outdoors during the winter. With no walls or ceiling to contain heat the heat, you are basically wasting money and fuel by sending heat straight into the atmosphere rather than providing necessary heat for your crew.

Is Radiant Heat Energy-Efficient?

With forced-air heaters, you lose heat as it rises above colder air. By absorbing heat into surrounding objects, high-quality radiant heaters from the Val6 series can effectively heat a space three times more efficiently than a forced-air heater.  You have complete directional control of the heat that’s emitted from a radiant heater, and because you aren’t utilizing vents and circulating air, you are reducing your exposure to allergens as well. A quality Val6 radiant heater provides instant heat, operates quieter and runs longer on less fuel, saving you money that your business can use elsewhere.

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