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How to Clean Your Heavy Equipment More Efficiently

Dirty Heavy Equipment

Your heavy equipment works hard, taking on whatever project you need completed. During this work, however, your equipment tends to develop a good amount of dirt and grime. In order to ensure that it’s ready for your next project, here are a few tips to help you clean your heavy equipment more efficiently. Clean your… Read more »

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Under Pressure: How Hose Length Affects CLEAN

How Hose Length Affects Cleaning Power

How often have you been working on a pressure washing job and had to stop to move your equipment so that you had enough hose to reach the far edge of a surface? Using a pressure washer means that you’re tethered to your machinery, with the length of your hose dictating how far you can… Read more »

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Have you Had Your Pressure Washer Serviced Yet?

From pressure washing a concrete patio to pressure washing a big rig, you can clean almost anything a Hotsy hot water or cold water pressure washer, but you won’t be able to get much done if your Hotsy pressure washer isn’t properly maintained. This is why Hotsy offers a free no obligation 15-pt. checkup when… Read more »

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Power in Mobility and the Hotsy Trail Blazer

When you’re working in the construction, oil, gas, and mining industries, a decent portion of your day is devoted to post-project cleanup, and this usually means you’re covering a large surface area when cleaning heavy duty equipment. For companies moving from job site to job site, the Hotsy Trail Blazer is your all-in-one mobile cleaning… Read more »

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Wash Away Dirt and Grime in Less Time

Use Hotsy accessories to clean flat surfaces this spring Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a dirty one. After the cold and wet winter season, spring brings more rain showers and mud – not to mention all the other sources of grime and gunk. Whether you’ve got salt and sand settled… Read more »

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Taking Advantage of the Hotsy Foam Cannon

When using Hotsy’s pressure washers and detergent products to combat stubborn, stuck-on grit and grime when washing trucks, buses, and other heavy equipment you may find that a standard spray nozzle isn’t as effective as it could be when applying detergents to the various surfaces you’ll want to clean. If this is the case for… Read more »

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Hotsy’s Role in the Cleaning of Manufacturing Plants

CUDA SJ Series Parts Washer

If you’re in charge of running a manufacturing plant, you need to be concerned about more than just the products you are creating. You also need to take the time to maintain all of the equipment in your plant regularly, and furthermore, you need to keep your plant clean from top to bottom. There are… Read more »

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The Hotsy Advantage in Facility Maintenance

With Hotsy’s latest pressure washers for Spring 2018 officially out on the market, we figured now is the perfect time to talk a little bit about what these pressure washer systems could mean for you and your facility maintenance. Industry Reputation For years, Hotsy has provided pressure washer service and repair to the Dallas-Fort Worth… Read more »

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Tips for Removing Graffiti with Hotsy Products

Are you struggling to remove graffiti from a concrete surface? It can be a tough job to do if you aren’t working with the right tools. Fortunately, you can get it done if you have access to a liquid graffiti remover and a pressure washer from Hotsy. Here are our tips that will make removing… Read more »

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Operating Your Pressure Washer: Flow Rate the Key to Success

Many pressure washer owners are mistakenly led into believing an inconvenient assumption: more pressure means a cut down on cleaning time. While we at North Texas Sales & Distribution know this to be untrue, we want to help you understand why. High flow rate is actually the key to calculating how long it will take… Read more »

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