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Save Money With High Efficiency Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters

For any business that deals with waste oils, adding a Clean Burn oil heater is a great option to efficiently dispose of leftover oil while heating your workspace. There comes plenty of benefits when you use a Clean Burn Oil Heater. It’s environmentally friendly, which is what every company should be striving for these days…. Read more »

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When Should You Use a Hot Pressure Washer?

Hot pressure washing car

Many people look just a pressure washer to clean materials around their home, but many don’t ever consider a hot pressure washer. There are many things you can clean when it comes to using a hot pressure washer. For one, hot water can helping make the cleaning much easier, especially if the materials are hard… Read more »

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When Should You Use a Cold Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing your fence

Believe it or not, many people don’t realize that you can use a cold pressure and hot pressure washer for different things. Most people looking for pressure washers go with cold ones because that is a common one to invest in for cleaning material around your home. Here is a list of things you can… Read more »

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Top Pressure Washer Detergents for Winter

Using pressure washing detergent in the winter

The cold weather may be a rude awakening for some of us, but it shouldn’t stop you from pressure washing. There will always be some sort of mess to clean up and cleaning projects on our to-do list throughout the winter, which means you should never wait till the spring. Using the proper pressure washer… Read more »

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The Benefits of Power Washing Your Outdoor Furniture

power washing patio furniture for the off-season

As we approach the off-season for sitting out on the deck or patio, the time comes when you’ll have to store away your outdoor furniture. One thing to keep in mind is cleaning the furniture before you put them away in your garage. Cleaning off your outdoor furniture before the season ends is important because… Read more »

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Pressure Washer Maintenance for the Off-Season

Before you put away your pressure washer for the season, make sure to hammer out the rest of your cleaning tasks before the Fall rolls around, which is pretty soon. There are also other things to keep in mind before putting your pressure washer into storage like getting it ready to launch in the spring…. Read more »

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Personnel Safety: Working Smart and Staying Safe

Hotsy employee working with customer on pressure washer training

Safety Month Highlight – Prevent Accidents with Training Your pressure washing and cleaning equipment is powerful, and when used safely can make removing dirt and grime a breeze. However, unsafe handling and improper use by employees can lead to accidents and injuries – some severe or life-threatening. As we continue to recognize National Safety Month,… Read more »

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Equipment Safety: Preventing Injuries on the Job

Safety with Pressure Washers

June is National Safety Month, recognized annually by the National Safety Council. All month long, we’re taking a close look at the best practices and safe behaviors to help you and your staff stay safe when using your cleaning equipment. Let’s start by taking a look at equipment safety – and what can happen if… Read more »

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Benefits of the Hotsy Wash Bay System

Does your business rely on a fleet of vehicles, trucks, or heavy equipment? You can keep your fleet as clean as it can possibly be by investing in a Hotsy Wash Bay System. The Hotsy Wash Bay System is designed to make it easy to clean large fleets, and you will enjoy a wide range… Read more »

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Hotsy Pressure Washer Brand Upholds Eco-Minded Values

Over the years, Hotsy has always strove to be the most trusted and reliable pressure washer service and repair brand throughout Texas. That means we have to do our part to protect our environment and state from the dirty chemicals or fuels that may sometimes appear in products or models. That is why, as a… Read more »

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