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Val6: The Smart Way to Heat Your Workstation this Season

Warehouse Heating System

Winter is quickly approaching, and with big dips in the temperature come huge spikes in electricity bills. Thankfully the Val6 is exactly what you need to make sure your workstation stays warm and comfortable without burning a hole in your wallet. The Val6 heats more efficiently The Val6 uses radiant heat which will heat your… Read more »

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How to Make Your Warehouse Environmentally-Friendly

Improve Energy Consumption in Your Industrial Facility

A warehouse is not always the greenest environment: it’s often industrial, involved with a lot of heavy machinery, and has engines of some sort passing through it several times a day. But that’s more reason than ever to make it your mission to give it an environmentally-friendly facelift. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t take much to… Read more »

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How Radiant Heating Can Benefit Your Work Environment

Cold Warehouse in Texas

Whether you are heating up a chilly warehouse or bringing the warmth outdoors on a brisk day, your company needs a heater that is reliable and effective both in cost and use. Radiant heating accomplishes that and more, providing you with breathable air and a warm work environment. Radiant heating is more efficient and effective… Read more »

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Advantages of Using Hotsy Radiant Heating Systems

In other parts of the country, violent snow storms will sometimes hinder the production of construction companies and warehouse workers, but not in our Lone Star state; we know how to work around cooler temperature changes. If your business deals with a lot of outdoor projects, then you have every reason to want to keep… Read more »

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Understanding the Unique Benefits of Radiant Heat

As the cost of energy rises, it is becoming increasingly important for homeowners and commercial property owners to come up with more affordable ways to heat their properties. Consequently, radiant heaters have become a popular alternative, especially for business owners who operate outdoors during cooler months. So what is it about radiant heat that makes… Read more »

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For Spot Heating Needs, Turn to a Portable Infrared Heater

In our last blog entry, we discussed the virtues of using Clean Burn’s waste oil heaters to keep a shop warm during the winter. These heaters are great for regulating the temperature of a large, open workspace, but sometimes you need more focused heat instead. Maybe you’re keeping a piece of temperature-sensitive equipment warm, or… Read more »

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With Winter Just Around the Corner, It’s Time to Think Heat

We’re already halfway through November, and even here in Texas the nights are starting to cool off. Before we know it, it will be downright chilly all across the country. Is your workspace prepared for the drop in temperatures? The cold outside shouldn’t keep you from being able to work effectively indoors. This is especially… Read more »

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Harness the Heat of a Val6

Since they were first manufactured in 1974, Val6 heaters have gained a reputation for their remarkable reliability, durability, and energy efficiency. Over the course of their forty year history, Val6 heaters have established themselves an industry leader in radiant infrared heating technology. Today, the company produces a diverse line of products to accommodate a variety… Read more »

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