Choosing the Right Detergent for the Job

Hotsy doesn’t just make powerful, reliable pressure washers; they also make a line of industrial strength detergents to cut through grease and grime as well. Hotsy’s super concentrated detergents are designed to increase the efficacy and efficiency of your pressure washer by providing it with the extra resources needed to remove even the most stubborn stuck-on dirt. Each of Hotsy’s detergents is intended for different applications, and in this entry we’ll look at a few of your options.


Salt Lick


As the name suggests, this detergent is designed for de-icing and salt removal applications. Ideal for cleaning paved surfaces that have been treated with rock salt over the winter, Salt Lick can help to preserve asphalt and concrete from the corrosive effects of sodium chloride.


Hotsy Brown


Hotsy designed this detergent specifically for use in oil fields where hot water alone is often not enough to effectively clean soiled surfaces.




Hotsy’s leading detergent for use in food service applications. It’s important to note here that all of Hotsy’s detergents are biodegradable, and many are rated for use around food personnel. Carbochlor constitutes the best option for cleaning food prep areas.


Citrus Clean


This product is actually a supplement that adds the degreasing power of citric acid to other Hotsy Detergents – a very helpful addition for cleaning especially dirty surfaces.




If you’re not sure which detergent will serve you best, Hotsy’s leading all-purpose detergent offers a versatile solution to a variety of problems. Powerful enough to remove caked-on grease, but gentle enough for use on automobile finishes.


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