Does Your Pressure Washer Need a Tune-Up?

Your pressure washer has always been your trusted partner with any project you may have, especially when faced with an extremely grimy task. The hard-working cleaning equipment was a sound investment, so why not prolong the life of your pressure washer with a tune-up?

Regularly scheduled tune-ups will not only extend the life of your pressure washer, but they will also keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency!

Pressure Washer Service Technician in North TexasSo, what is actually being tuned-up with a pressure washer tune-up? Well, it first starts with your pumps. Overtime, normal wear and tear can get to your pumps affecting pump pressure and ultimately damaging your water pump and possibly other components.

Next, we check the nozzles, hoses, and other extension parts for any wear that could be affecting the productivity of your pressure washer.

After that, the tune-up moves to your fluids and filters. A technician will thoroughly check your fluid compartments as well as the levels of your fluids to ensure accurate flow and no contamination. Many of these areas have an easy fix, like flushing out the system or a quick clean of a filter to restore them to their operative states.

A tune-up will be able to find a developing problem with your pressure washer before it grows into something worse or irreplaceable.

At North Texas Sales & Distribution, we have expert service technicians readily available to give you the Hotsy 24-point tune-up, ensuring that no detail goes unchecked. We’ll make sure that your pressure washer is like brand new and back at your side, ready to take on your next project. Give us a call at 800-652-2864 to learn more about our services for your cleaning equipment!