Essential Accessories for Your Hotsy Pressure Washer

Essential Accessories for Your Hotsy Pressure WasherThe Hotsy pressure washer is an industry-leading piece of machinery renowned for its strength and reliability. When purchasing a Hotsy pressure washer  you will gain access to a line of invaluable accessories to augment the functionality of your pressure washer.

Here are a few of the most helpful pressure washer accessories available for your pressure washer:

Flat Surface Cleaners

These accessories, which look and feel similar to upright disk floor sanders, are perfect for cleaning garages, warehouse floors, and even parking lots. Rather than spraying water from a single nozzle, flat surface cleaners distribute water in a broad, flat arc to provide quick and complete coverage of floor surfaces. These accessories are compatible with most models of both hot and cold pressure washers. Flat surface cleaners constitute the easiest, most efficient way to clean large uninterrupted flat areas with your pressure washer.

Telescoping Wands

A telescoping wand allows operators easy access to high, hard to reach areas. These accessories are ideally suited for cleaning second-story exteriors and tall pieces of equipment. Hotsy’s telescoping wands are available in 6 to 24 foot lengths and are compatible with any of their pressure washers up to 4000 PSI, making them versatile solutions to a variety of challenges.

Turbo Nozzles

The perfect addition to your pressure washer for combating especially stubborn grit and grime. Hotsy’s turbo nozzles spray water with a jackhammer effect to blast away stuck-on dirt with ease. These accessories are perfect for cleaning hardened, caked-on mud from construction equipment.

If you have a Hotsy pressure washer, it is important to have the right accessories to properly use your washer.

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