Features of the Hotsy Tuff-Skin High-Pressure Hose

Engineered with a design capable of handling pressures of up to 6000PSI, the Hotsy Tuff-Skin High-Pressure Hose beats your standard pressure washer hose bar none. Here’s a look inside the features that make this pressure washer part so powerful.

The Hotsy high pressure hose is as tough as nails, with an outer skin 20 percent more flexible than your average working machine. The part’s temperature range is continuous, and ranges from 40 degrees to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

The durable plastic sleeves included on the hose’s double-wired braid, available in both single and double-wire form, packs a powerful punch.  The 24-inch sleeve gun end has been incorporated into the design for extra security against pressurized bursts. Also included in the design is a Hotsy branded bend black restrictor, which wraps around the hose, and is oil resistant.

The Hotsy certified burst protection meets UL-1776 safety standards and includes higher abrasion resistance 7 times stronger than other popular brands in the industry. Never-slip retention is created through “bite-the-wire” coupling and is more effective than the conventional compression fittings you will find on standard hoses. The Tuff-Skin 2-Wire 6000 PSI Hose in comparison is covered with a red hose guard instead of a black one.

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