For Spot Heating Needs, Turn to a Portable Infrared Heater

In our last blog entry, we discussed the virtues of using Clean Burn’s waste oil heaters to keep a shop warm during the winter. These heaters are great for regulating the temperature of a large, open workspace, but sometimes you need more focused heat instead. Maybe you’re keeping a piece of temperature-sensitive equipment warm, or helping a fresh coat of paint to dry in a cold room at a job site. Maybe you just need a little supplementary heat for a particularly cold room in the corner of a building. For applications such as these, we recommend using a safe, highly-efficient infrared heater from Val 6.

Why use radiant infrared heat rather than a forced air heater?

To begin with, radiant infrared heaters are far more efficient than forced air heaters. Rather than heating the air around the heater, infrared heaters are able to heat surfaces directly. This means heat isn’t lost to air currents and drafts around infrared heaters. These heaters transfer heat to surfaces in much the same way that sunlight does. Rather than blowing heat around a surface, they apply direct, even heat straight to the surface instead.

Val 6’s infrared heaters also feature clean, smoke-free combustion chambers that make them safer to use inside than many other types of space heaters. These heaters can be powered by kerosene, diesel #1 or diesel #2, making them especially versatile as well. Because of their durable construction and lack of moving parts, you can expect an infrared heater to serve you well for many years.

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