Harness the Heat of a Val6

Since they were first manufactured in 1974, Val6 heaters have gained a reputation for their remarkable reliability, durability, and energy efficiency. Over the course of their forty year history, Val6 heaters have established themselves an industry leader in radiant infrared heating technology. Today, the company produces a diverse line of products to accommodate a variety of applications. At North Texas Sales & Distribution, we’re fortunate enough to carry a number of their most popular options.




The jack of all trades in the Val6 lineup; the KBE5L combines portability with power to provide a versatile solution to heating demands. By virtue of its innovative combustion chamber, the KBE5L has a nearly 100% fuel to energy conversion ratio. For smaller applications, we also carry the KBE5L’s little brother, the KBE5S.


Hotgun 125NA


A veritable cannon of infrared heat, the Hot Gun supplements the radiant heat of other Val6 models with a powerful forced-air blower to deliver heat where you need it. This model is ideal for drying applications such as concrete finishes and paints.




The Daystar is one of the most portable products in the Val6 lineup. Its patented dual heating system uses both radiant and forced-air heat to provide focused heat to smaller spaces; a perfect option for garages and workshops.




Here we have the most powerful model ever produced by Val6. A larger radiation disk allows the EPX to heat objects from a greater distance, while a high/low output control allows users to maintain maximal efficiency. As with all of the heaters on our Val6 roster, the EPX can be powered by both diesel and kerosene.


Stay tuned for more updates on all the great products available at North Texas Sales & Distribution!