Hot Water vs. Cold Water: Which Pressure Washer is Right for You?

Worker pressure washing stairsSo, you’re shopping for a pressure washer? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You want the meanest cleaning machine on the market, but first you have to decide: hot water vs. cold water?

Before you decide which to purchase, think about what you need it for!

Trying to fight off dirt and grime?

Or do you have to battle oil and grease?

Here are a few things to consider that will help you make the right decision!

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces. From concrete driveways to metal vehicles, you can clean several surfaces with a cold water pressure washer in hand.

The pressurized water the machine produces is often enough to break up any dirt on a surface. You can add detergent to the mix to wash surfaces more effectively.

If you need to clean surfaces coated with dirt and mud, a cold-water wash is perfect for rinsing away that grime. Cold-water pressure washing can spray away soil without the extra expense of hot water washing.

In addition, cold water is preferred for some surfaces like wood or plastics that may warp under high temperatures. Likewise, cold water is one of the best ways to power wash decks, siding and even cars and boats.

The only weakness of a cold-water pressure washer is its inability to clean oil and grease as effectively as a hot water model.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Have you ever tried to clean oil and grease off a pan in your kitchen with cold water? You probably didn’t have much luck. It’s the same with pressure washers!

Hot water pressure washers can remove oil and grease from surface just as easily as a cold water pressure washer can break up dirt. It breaks down the bonds that exist on a molecular level in oil and grease and can rid surfaces of bacteria, algae and other things more effectively due to the heat they distribute.

Hot water pressure washers, which are often larger than their cold water counterparts, also utilize pressurized water to clean surfaces, but they are capable of creating water heated up to as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes hot water pressure washers more effective when cleaning oil, grease, and more off of various surfaces.

Hot water offers extra cleaning power when you need it most. These washers are also generally a better option in cold-weather climates where water lines have the potential to freeze. Some hot water washers can also meet sanitation requirements for food processing, making them a viable option for certain food service applications.

One last factor to consider is the cost. Hot-water pressure washers can cost an average of three times as much as cold-water systems, as the water must be continuously heated during operation, necessitating additional mechanical components and higher fuel costs.

Which Option Would Be Best for You?

So consider the surfaces you will need to clean with your pressure washer: will you need to deep clean oily and greasy surfaces on a regular basis? Or are you looking to simply clear away dirt?

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