Hotsy Pressure Washers: Certified Safe

We know how important the safety of your high-pressure cleaning equipment is to your business’ operations. These days, business owners need to know that the equipment they’re using is safe for a variety of reasons. OSHA regulations require electrical equipment to be approved by one of their recognized testing agencies. Without this approval, business owners put themselves at risk to be fined for noncompliance. Utilizing equipment that is certified for safety also helps to ensure that your workforce will remain free from injuries and your business with avoid costly liabilities.

That’s why all of Hotsy’s pressure washers are certified for safety by a leading high-pressure cleaning testing laboratory – Intertek Testing Services (ITS). You may be familiar with other testing laboratories such as the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) which certifies residential appliances such as furnaces and wood stoves. Because our high-pressure industrial cleaning equipment is held to a higher standard by OSHA guidelines, we have all of our pressure washers certified in accordance with the more stringent ITS guidelines instead.

When you invest in a Hotsy Pressure washer, you don’t just get the industry-leading durability and reliability of a Hotsy; you also gain the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is certified safe by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Want to learn more about all the reasons so many businesses trust exclusively in their Hotsy high-pressure cleaning equipment? Give us a call today or stop in to speak to a representative and learn more about these excellent pieces of industrial equipment.