Hotsy Pressure Washers: Even Effective Underground

From oil rigs to construction sites, Hotsy pressure washers are regularly employed in some of the dirtiest, most demanding work environments on the planet. In fact, Hotsy products are so rugged and durable that you can even find them beneath the surface of the Earth as well.

Mining operations are dirty places, even by Hotsy standards. Airborne particulate can cause machinery to break down, and sometimes that machinery has to be serviced inside the mine rather than back on the surface. Likewise, mining companies need reliable industrial-grade equipment to minimize the expense of downtime caused by mechanical failures.

Fortunately, Hotsy produces a number of wear-resistant models designed specifically for use in especially harsh environments like mines. In particular, Hotsy recommends the 5700 series pressure washer for use in equipment-cleaning wash bays. For mobile applications, they recommend the HSS series, which can be mounted to a truck or trailer.

In Edmonton, Alberta, one of our fellow Hotsy dealers works extensively with various coal, tar sand and diamond mining operations in the area. The owner of the dealership even helped Hotsy to design custom cleaning solutions for mining companies. With this system, mining companies are able to deliver water to soiled equipment at an astounding 10 gallons-per-minute, or about 100 pounds of water-per minute. You can learn more about this story on Hotsy’s website!

Whether you’re harvesting minerals from deep in the earth or crops from its surface, a Hotsy pressure washer can ensure that your equipment stays clean and free of harmful debris. Give us a call today to learn more about how a Hotsy can help your business.