Hotsy: Trusted Ally of the Hospitality Industry

Hotsy pressure washers are known for keeping facilities and equipment at some of the dirtiest job sites in the world clean. From oil rigs to construction sites to coal mines, Hotsy has cleaned it all. But these especially dirt-prone industries aren’t the only ones who depend on Hotsy for their cleaning needs. You can find Hotsy pressure washers at resorts, malls, campuses and hotels all over the world as well.

Businesses in the hospitality industry understand the value of appearances. A dirty, dingy hotel is sure to deter prospective guests and make a dent in the business’ bottom line. That’s why so many of these businesses trust in the heavy-duty cleaning power of a Hotsy pressure washer to get the job done.

Hotsy’s electric pressure washers can safely be used inside guest facilities, and smaller pressure washer models are mobile and compact enough to use anywhere on site. Hotsy also offers its customers a number of detergents and accessories that are ideal for use in the hospitality industry.

The Fat Cap Graffiti Remover, for example, is designed to clean vandalized surfaces quickly and easily. After all, there’s nothing that will turn guests away faster than a graffiti-marked property. Fat Cap is able to make quick work of graffiti on a variety of surfaces, including painted concrete, brick and bare wood. Instead of spending hours scrubbing with dish detergent, Fat Cap allows you eliminate unsightly graffiti in just a few simple steps. Check out the video below from Hotsy to see this remarkable product in action.