Hotsy Wash Bay Helps Maintain Travis County’s Equipment Fleet

As the fifth-most populous county in Texas with more than 1.5 million residents, it takes a whole lot of work to care for the roads, bridges and highways in Travis County. At the Eastside Service Center in Austin, fleet supervisor Ed Garcia and his team are in charge of maintaining roughly 3,000 vehicles that the citizens of Travis County depend on to pave roads, repair potholes, install signage and more. That’s why the folks at Eastside Service use a Hotsy wash bay system to keep their vehicles up and running year-round. With an integrated compressor and hose reels, this wash bay allows Eastside Service to have its own in-house car wash.

Not only does this wash bay system allow Eastside Service to keep its fleet clean, it also helps to extend the lifespan of the county’s vehicles, thereby saving valuable taxpayer dollars. Whether it’s hot asphalt, concrete dust, mud or marking paint, these vehicles pick up all kinds of filth when they’re out on a job. Without a regular cleaning regimen, all that grit and grime can cause mechanical components to degrade faster, eventually forcing the vehicles out of commission. With this in mind, Garcia and his team are committed to keeping their vehicles clean so that they continue to serve the Travis County citizens who support them with their tax dollars.

Check out the video below to hear Ed Garcia discuss how his facility’s Hotsy wash bay system has helped make their operation cleaner and more efficient. To learn more about any of the Hotsy products we offer at North Texas Sales and Distribution, give us a call or contact us online today.