How Cuda is Changing the Way You Wash Your Equipment

There’s no need to spend time and resources hand-washing your tools, engine components, and other parts when you could have a Cuda front or top loading parts washer take on the job. These advantageous washers provide you with a thorough cleaning of your parts, while eliminating the need to dispose of messy solvents later on. Let these automatic washers take some of the work off your hands!

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to a Cuda parts washer

Whether your parts vary in size or vary in weight, there is a Cuda parts washer ready to get the job done. These automatic washers are capable of holding any load between 500 and 5,000 lbs., using pressurized hot water and contained detergents to clean your parts.

These machines save time and money, while increasing productivityCuda Parts Washer

Since the Cuda aqueous parts washers are automatic, your workers will only need to worry about loading the dirty parts into the washer and setting them to be cleaned. This available time can then be spent on completing other tasks and responsibilities, ultimately increasing your employees’ productivity and the overall efficiency of your company.

Increase workplace safety with a Cuda parts washer

These high-quality front and top loading parts washers have been refined by Cuda over the past 25 years to ensure only the best cleaning capabilities. These washers are specifically designed to withstand daily use and also practice safe, aqueous cleaning without the need for disposal after cleaning or posing any potential health hazards to your employees. The Cuda machines have made a quick and safe cleaning process possible, producing parts that look as good as new.

We carry a variety of Cuda aqueous parts washers at North Texas Sales & Distribution that could help streamline your company’s cleaning process. Give us a call at 800-652-2864 today to speak with one of our experts!