How Radiant Heating Can Benefit Your Work Environment

Whether you are heating up a chilly warehouse or bringing the warmth outdoors on a brisk day, your company needs a heater that is reliable and effective both in cost and use. Radiant heating accomplishes that and more, providing you with breathable air and a warm work environment.

Radiant heating is more efficient and effective

Cold Warehouse in TexasRadiant heating occurs when infrared heat penetrates an object and then travels to the surfaces of other cool objects without utilizing heated air. This process allows for an object or targeted surface to be warmed or dried efficiently.

Radiant heat distributes heat evenly into surfaces just like the sun does with the Earth. So, the heat warms a surface, which then travels to the people and objects around it.

The surrounding environment and elements do not pose a hindrance

Unlike other conventional heaters, radiant heating remains unaffected by natural elements. Normally, wind would cause a heater to struggle and essentially lose hot air. With a Val6 that uses radiant heating, the heat travels in a straight line and there is nothing lost to the cold ambient air that surround the equipment.

Cleaner air for your employees

The combustion system of a Val6 is odorless and does not produce smoke while running. By eliminating air movement, you are achieving a more comfortable environment for your staff that is dust-free and breathable. Built to last, the Val6 provide a 100% fuel to energy conversion, making it the most efficient form of heating.

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