How to Make Your Warehouse Environmentally-Friendly

A warehouse is not always the greenest environment: it’s often industrial, involved with a lot of heavy machinery, and has engines of some sort passing through it several times a day. But that’s more reason than ever to make it your mission to give it an environmentally-friendly facelift. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t take much to do so!

Fix your heating

Improve Energy Consumption in Your Industrial FacilityHeaters are Public Enemy No. 1 for wasteful energy use. They’re one of the biggest energy consumers in a warehouse because they’re constantly running to keep your inventory and employees at a comfortable temperature. So, you have to work within those limits.

There are a few things you can do: Start first with switching your heaters over to Val6 models, which are far more energy-efficient than standard models, providing your workers with cleaner air. Then if possible, you can begin to recycle your waste oil, so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Consider switching to clean burn waste oil heaters which will not only save you money, but give you an alternative option for disposing of your used oil.

Think green with your lighting

Another key element of your space that remains on for most days of the week are the lights. Not only does switching over to LED lights save you money in the long-term, but they’re great for the environment, too. It’s a win-win, you could say!

Improve your insulation

If you’re paying all of this money for heat or air conditioning, don’t you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? That’s where insulation comes in. You’d be surprised how many warehouses have shoddy insulation, which leads to less heat retention, and higher energy bills. Your heating and cooling systems are essentially working overtime to keep the warehouse at your requested temperature. Making that investment in state-of-the-art insulation could be a game-changer.

Ready to go green? North Texas Sales & Distribution has everything you need to create a more energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious work environment for you and your employees, starting with the equipment you’re utilizing. Contact us today for more information!