Ideal Applications for Electric Pressure Washers

Gas-powered pressure washers might be exceptionally powerful, but they’re not a catch-all cleaning solution for every job. Sometimes, there are other considerations on a job site that take precedence over raw power. In these cases, a quiet, emission-free electric pressure washer might be a better option. Hotsy’s electric pressure washers are versatile tools that can be found in both hot and cold-water configurations. Let’s look at a few different instances where an electric pressure washer might be better suited to a job than a gas-powered model.


At hotels and resorts, it’s essential that cleaning crews are able to maintain a clean, welcoming environment for guests. A pressure washer can make this goal a whole lot easier to achieve, but loud gas-powered models are typically not the best options for these business. Instead, they need something that’s safe to use inside, and quiet enough to avoid disturbing guests. Using an electric pressure washer is a great way to meet both these demands.

Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance crews are faced with many of the same considerations as cleaning crews in the hospitality industry. They typically work in relatively quiet environments such as schools and office buildings, and the bulk of their cleaning work is done indoors. Likewise, an electric pressure washer can offer a safe, non-invasive cleaning solution for many facility maintenance tasks.

Food Processing

Businesses in the food processing industry have their own special set of cleaning considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, cleaning products must not interfere with food safety protocols. Because gas-powered pressure washers emit exhaust fumes, they can’t be used in many food processing applications. Electric pressure washers, on the other hand, are perfect for cleaning in food processing plants. Hotsy also manufactures special food-safe detergents to make cleaning even easier.

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