Make the Most of Your Company’s Time With a Hotsy

In our last entry, we looked at the ways a Hotsy pressure washer can save money on your monthly water bill. By utilizing their remarkably efficient high-pressure pumps, Hotsy pressure washers have the potential to cut a business’ water consumption by more than half. But these pressure washers won’t just save you water. They’ll save you valuable time as well.

How many hours do you spend cleaning your equipment each month? 20 hours? More?

Cleaning time costs companies hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month in lost man hours that could have been used to complete additional work. It’s a necessity, for sure, but by putting a highly efficient pressure washer to work for your business, you could cut your cleaning time down by a significant margin. In conjunction with your pressure washer, a number of accessories can be utilized to further reduce the time you spend cleaning equipment each month.

Variable Pressure Wands

These accessories do just as their name implies, granting operators added control over the flow of water and detergent from their pressure washers. By twisting the handle of the wand, operators can increase or decrease the water pressure in order to precisely control the cleaning power for various applications.

Vari-Fan Nozzle

Tune your rig for different applications by choosing the right nozzle for the job. The Vari-Fan nozzle allows you to adjust the spray angles, eliminating the need to switch between different nozzles in the middle of a job. Choose a narrow, high-pressure spray to cut through hardened dirt and grime, or widen the angle when you need a more gentle spray on delicate pieces of equipment.

Accessories such as these offer you even greater control over your pressure washer, allowing you to maintain peak cleaning efficiency at all times. Want to learn more about how a Hotsy pressure washer can save your business time and money? Give us a call today to learn why so many other companies trust in the efficiency and reliability of a Hotsy.