When you need to remove stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime, sometimes cold water just won’t cut it. For these jobs, a hot water pressure washer can make life a whole lot easier. If you’re cleaning anything with oil or grease – automotive parts or kitchen appliances, for example – hot water is downright essential. So… Read more »

Here at North Texas Sales & Distribution, we know just how important industrial cleaning equipment is to businesses in a variety of sectors. Whether they need to remove stubborn grit and grime from heavy machinery or spruce up the workplace for prospective clients, there are plenty of reasons why businesses invest in cleanliness. Recently, a… Read more »

From oil rigs to construction sites, Hotsy pressure washers are regularly employed in some of the dirtiest, most demanding work environments on the planet. In fact, Hotsy products are so rugged and durable that you can even find them beneath the surface of the Earth as well. Mining operations are dirty places, even by Hotsy… Read more »

Food processing equipment is incredibly valuable to businesses in the food industry, but is it getting really clean? Business owners may think their equipment is clean, but sadly that is not always the case. Despite their best efforts, employees cannot always get equipment up to the cleanliness standard it needs to be even with the… Read more »

No matter how rugged your rig is, sooner or later it’s going to need some TLC. The folks at Hotsy understand that equipment downtime can easily cost a company thousands of dollars in labor fees and lost revenue. That’s why they partner with a network of trusted certified dealers staffed with professional technicians trained to… Read more »

We’re already halfway through November, and even here in Texas the nights are starting to cool off. Before we know it, it will be downright chilly all across the country. Is your workspace prepared for the drop in temperatures? The cold outside shouldn’t keep you from being able to work effectively indoors. This is especially… Read more »

For businesses who maintain large fleets of vehicles, a mobile pressure washer may not be the most convenient or efficient cleaning option. For clients who need to get multiple large pieces of equipment cleaned in a timely fashion, Hotsy offers a customizable wash bay system that can be installed right on a company’s premises. So… Read more »