We’re already halfway through November, and even here in Texas the nights are starting to cool off. Before we know it, it will be downright chilly all across the country. Is your workspace prepared for the drop in temperatures? The cold outside shouldn’t keep you from being able to work effectively indoors. This is especially… Read more »

For businesses who maintain large fleets of vehicles, a mobile pressure washer may not be the most convenient or efficient cleaning option. For clients who need to get multiple large pieces of equipment cleaned in a timely fashion, Hotsy offers a customizable wash bay system that can be installed right on a company’s premises. So… Read more »

In our last entry, we looked at the ways a Hotsy pressure washer can save money on your monthly water bill. By utilizing their remarkably efficient high-pressure pumps, Hotsy pressure washers have the potential to cut a business’ water consumption by more than half. But these pressure washers won’t just save you water. They’ll save… Read more »

By now you probably already know that Hotsy makes some of the most rugged, powerful and reliable industrial pressure washers on the market. Their diverse lineup of pressure washers offers companies in a variety of industries effective cleaning solutions to some of the dirtiest jobs you can imagine. What you may not realize, however, is… Read more »

Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers are a lot of great things, but one thing they’re not is light. By virtue of their heavy-duty reinforced construction, powerful engines and high fuel capacities, these pressure washers can get pretty heavy. All that weight shouldn’t keep you from getting your equipment where you need it quickly and easily. That’s… Read more »

We know how important the safety of your high-pressure cleaning equipment is to your business’ operations. These days, business owners need to know that the equipment they’re using is safe for a variety of reasons. OSHA regulations require electrical equipment to be approved by one of their recognized testing agencies. Without this approval, business owners… Read more »

When you buy a Hotsy, you don’t just get a rugged and durable industrial grade pressure washer; you also receive industry-leading maintenance services that will ensure your Hotsy will be keeping your equipment clean for many years.  One of their best services is their complimentary no obligation 15 point checkup. As an authorized Hotsy dealer… Read more »

One of the things we love most about Hotsy is that they provide so many fuel and heating options to suit the needs of different industries. From electric hot water options for indoor applications to versatile fuel-oil heated washers for rugged agricultural needs, Hotsy makes pressure washers designed to tackle just about any job you… Read more »