Pressure Washing Guide and Parts in TX

Between the stain on your driveway, the built-up dirt on your car, and the grime on your heavy equipment, cleaning can seem impossible. However, cleaning these caked-on messes is very possible with a trusted pressure washer at your side. Everyone knows that a pressure washer produces an aggressive stream of water that can magically make… Read more »

Telescoping Wand for a Pressure Washer

Using the right wand can make cleaning a breeze Caked-on mud stuck beneath a truck. Engine grease and oil on the shop floor. Clogged gutters choked with leaves and dirt. These are just a few of the common sights for experienced pressure washers, and all of these cleaning situations can benefit from adding a little… Read more »

Pressure Washing Using an Extension Wand

A pressure washer can be very versatile when it comes to successfully completing the different cleaning projects you have filling up your to-do list. It’s a well-oiled machine and can tackle mostly any job. However, an extension wand can take your cleaning to the next level. Equipped with a pressure washer wand in hand, you’ll… Read more »

Steamer vs Washer

When attacking a new cleaning job, you need to plan out the equipment and supplies needed to get the job done. Part of that is deciding whether you should use a steamer or a pressure washer to clean. Each of these tools offers different advantages in different situations, so let’s breakdown the benefits of each… Read more »

Cold Warehouse in Texas

Whether you are heating up a chilly warehouse or bringing the warmth outdoors on a brisk day, your company needs a heater that is reliable and effective both in cost and use. Radiant heating accomplishes that and more, providing you with breathable air and a warm work environment. Radiant heating is more efficient and effective… Read more »

Man Using a Pressure Washer Extension Hose in Texas

Designed for improving the efficiency and speed of cleaning, pressure washer accessories are a must-have for getting the job done right. If pressure washing is on your to-do list this season, your toolkit should include the following five accessories! Turbo nozzle For debris stuck in the cavities and cracks of hard surfaces, a turbo nozzle… Read more »

Hotsy employee working with customer on pressure washer training

Safety Month Highlight – Prevent Accidents with Training Your pressure washing and cleaning equipment is powerful, and when used safely can make removing dirt and grime a breeze. However, unsafe handling and improper use by employees can lead to accidents and injuries – some severe or life-threatening. As we continue to recognize National Safety Month,… Read more »

Pressure Washer Service Technician in North Texas

Your pressure washer has always been your trusted partner with any project you may have, especially when faced with an extremely grimy task. The hard-working cleaning equipment was a sound investment, so why not prolong the life of your pressure washer with a tune-up? Regularly scheduled tune-ups will not only extend the life of your… Read more »

Person Using a Pressure Washer

Properly caring for your pressure washer is essential to keeping it running just like the day you bought it. By taking the time to perform appropriate maintenance on your pressure washer, it will both keep it running efficiently and lengthen its lifespan. This process begins (and ends) with proper preparation and storage of your pressure… Read more »

Safety with Pressure Washers

June is National Safety Month, recognized annually by the National Safety Council. All month long, we’re taking a close look at the best practices and safe behaviors to help you and your staff stay safe when using your cleaning equipment. Let’s start by taking a look at equipment safety – and what can happen if… Read more »