Protect Your Investment at North Texas Sales & Distribution

How much does equipment downtime cost your company? Economists have been trying to tease out a simple answer to this question for decades. Even by the most conservative estimates, however, downtime costs companies a lot. In 2002, the electrical engineering and computer science department at UC Berkeley estimated that one hour of downtime could cost a large company like upwards of $180,000. Bear in mind that this statistic is now nearly 15 years old. Today, after accounting for inflation and growth of overhead costs, that figure would likely be far higher. So where does all this money go?


Labor Costs

When your equipment breaks down, the cost of labor becomes a total loss to your company. The longer the downtime lasts, the more money you’re likely to lose in wasted labor.


Repair Costs

If you’re not able to repair the equipment yourself, you’ll have to shell out some cash to get it up and running again. During this critical period, you may still be losing money on Labor.


Service Lapses

Your inability to work quickly and effectively due to broken equipment can set a bad precedent with clients. In some cases, breakdowns might even drive business to your competitors. At this point, loss calculations become far more complicated.


At North Texas Sales & Distribution, we carry an extensive inventory of genuine Hotsy replacement parts to keep your pressure washers up and running 24/7. Thanks to Hotsy’s industry leading warranties, even if you’re equipment does break down, it can often be repaired at little or no cost to you.


Your business’ success depends on the well-being of your equipment. At North Texas Sales & Distribution, we have the tools and experience to keep your Hotsy up and running for years to come. Give us a call or stop in today to learn more.