Reputation for High Performance: A Look at the Legacy Brand

The Legacy brand stands for high quality, strength, longevity, and innovation. Through expert workmanship skilled engineering, the Legacy brand has been able to offer a large selection of pressure washer accessories at competitive rates.

Listed below are the descriptions of a few of the pressure washer accessories that are included in the elite Legacy product line.

Legacy Quick Couplers

The legacy brand of precision brass and zinc-plated hardened steel couples have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures and intense chemical treatments. The parts, which are designed to support a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI, are available to contractors at a reasonable price.

The Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner

Technicians can now clean road grime, oil, and other contaminants swiftly and thoroughly with the Hotsy Undercarriage Cleaner. With an easy to maneuver handle for those out-of-reach places, the machine connects effortlessly to your hot or cold pressure washer and delivers a superior, clean finish.

The Legacy Oil-Fired Hot Box

Cleaning has never been this economically sound; the portable Legacy Oil-Fired Hot Box is a water heater add-on for your cold pressure washer system. The Quick Connect feature feeds fuel and power directly to Euro-Heat for hot water purposes and reaches pressures of up to 3000 PSI. With the ability to carry five gallons of plastic fuel, diesel, kerosene, and the number one heating oil on the market, the Legacy Oil-Fired Hot Box is a machine capable of indomitable feats.

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