Safely Clean Wood Surfaces With a Pressure Washer

Natural wood siding, decking and fencing might look great, but if it’s not properly maintained it can collect grime and develop mildew growth that spoils its appearance and shortens its lifespan. Pressure washers offer an easy, effective way to clean wood surfaces, but you may have heard that pressure washing can damage wood as well. In fact, pressure washers can be used to safely clean wood as long as you use the right tools and take the proper precautions. Today we’ll show you how.

Pressure and Spray Pattern

To prevent damage to wood surfaces, it’s important to use a pressure washer that’s rated at 3,000 PSI or less. Any more power than that may do more harm than good. Choose a pressure nozzle with a wide 40 degree spray pattern as well. This will distribute the pressure over a broader surface area and further reduce the chance of damaging the wood. As you wash, try to keep the wand tip about 12” – 16” from the surface you’re spraying.

Washing Technique

Because you’ll have to go easy on the pressure when cleaning wood surfaces, it helps to add some specialized detergent to aid in the cleaning process as well. When pressure washing wood, we recommend using the Enviro-Clean detergent from Hotsy. This detergent is gentle enough to use on natural wood finishes, but strong enough to effectively remove stuck-on dirt and grime. It’s also biodegradable, so it can be safely used outside without harming nearby plants or animals.

To minimize streaking on vertical wood surfaces like fencing and siding, apply detergents from the bottom-up, and then rinse from the top-down. On decking, always spray in the same direction as the wood grain to maximize the effectiveness of your pressure washer. Overlap the edge of your spray slightly each time to achieve a nice, even clean.

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