Save Money With High Efficiency Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters


For any business that deals with waste oils, adding a Clean Burn oil heater is a great option to efficiently dispose of leftover oil while heating your workspace.


The Clean Burn waste oil heater system is uniquely designed to take spent oil left over from routine vehicle oil changes or drained from irreparably damaged engines and burn it in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient process. Using the heater, there is no need to pay to haul away used oil when you can put it to use for your own heating purposes, saving you money instead.


The first waste oil furnace from Clean Burn went on the market in 1979. Over the past 35 years, the technology has continued to be further honed, refined and improved to produce a more efficient and effective means of utilizing the waste oil to produce a clean-burning heat source and way of disposing of unwanted and previously unusable oil.


Waste oil heating furnaces are also an environmentally friendly choice for disposing of oil. The heaters are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and Clean Burn works closely with the agency to further advance waste oil recycling and eco-conscious disposal methods.


The technology can be adapted to work with a variety of equipment as well, making it a versatile addition to your existing shop heating system. Waste oil furnaces can be used in conjunction with standard forced air heating units, ducted systems or hot water heating setups. In addition, a regulated pump system maintains a steady and consistent oil flow to prevent overuse and ensure you’re getting the most energy possible from your spent oil supply.


If you handle spent oil as a routine part of your job, put it to work for you by adding a Clean Burn waste oil heater to your shop today. Want to learn more? Give us a call or stop in for more information.