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Hotsy: Supporting Dairy Farmers in America’s Heartland

The residents of Wisconsin come by their “cheesehead” nickname honestly. In 2016, Wisconsin dairy farms produced more than 30 billion pounds of milk, accounting for a whopping 14 percent of the nation’s total milk production. Dairy farming has been a cornerstone of American agriculture for generations, and the epicenter of America’s dairy production can be… Read more »

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See How Hotsy’s Turbo Nozzle Cuts Through Caked-On Mud

In addition to building powerful industrial pressure washers, Hotsy also designs and manufactures a number of handy accessories to make their pressure washers even more useful and versatile. One of our favorite pressure washer accessories is the Hotsy turbo nozzle—a specialized nozzle designed for especially tough cleaning jobs. The turbo nozzle is great for cleaning… Read more »

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Ideal Applications for a Hotsy

Since they were founded nearly fifty years ago, Hotsy has been producing a diverse line of powerful, reliable pressure washers to accommodate the cleaning needs of a variety of industries. Over the course of their history Hotsy pressure washers have cleaned all sorts of surfaces, from major league baseball stadiums to American jets in Iraq…. Read more »

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