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See how Hotsy Keeps Manufacturing Plants Clean

Over the years, Hotsy pressure washers have been used to clean everything from mud-caked tractor trailers to graffiti-stained walls. These machines are built to be as versatile as they are powerful, which is why businesses in so many different industries trust them to keep their operations clean. In the manufacturing industry, many business owners rely… Read more »

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Are You Getting The Most out of Your Detergents?

On their own, Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines that are well-suited to a variety of applications. With the help of Hotsy’s line of biodegradable detergents, they can become even more useful and versatile. From vehicle detergents to food-safe options to detergents designed specifically for removing graffiti from surfaces, you can find a… Read more »

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The Three Key Elements of Hot Water Pressure Washing

When you need to remove stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime, sometimes cold water just won’t cut it. For these jobs, a hot water pressure washer can make life a whole lot easier. If you’re cleaning anything with oil or grease – automotive parts or kitchen appliances, for example – hot water is downright essential. So… Read more »

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