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Vital Oxide Offers an EPA Registered Disinfectant Solution

If you need to sanitize surfaces without using harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, Hotsy has a great disinfectant option for you. Vital Oxide is a non-corrosive, ecologically-sound alternative to chemical disinfectants that’s proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria on surfaces in less than 60 seconds. It’s mild enough to wash your hands in it, but… Read more »

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San Antonio EMS Trusts Hotsy to Keep Its Ambulances Clean

No matter how many calls they make, the work of an emergency medical technician is never done. In the San Antonio suburb of Schertz, Texas, the folks at Metro Ambulance are keenly aware of what it takes to maintain a reliable fleet of emergency vehicles. For the past two decades, Metro Ambulance has been working… Read more »

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