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See How Hotsy Helps Keep Food Processing Plants Clean

Cleanliness is important to just about all of the industries we serve, but it’s downright essential in food processing and packaging plants. These businesses rely on powerful cleaning tools to not only ensure that their operations comply with food safety standards, but also to deliver high-quality products to their customers. Without adequate cleaning and maintenance… Read more »

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Using Pressure Washers for Food Processing Equipment

Food processing equipment is incredibly valuable to businesses in the food industry, but is it getting really clean? Business owners may think their equipment is clean, but sadly that is not always the case. Despite their best efforts, employees cannot always get equipment up to the cleanliness standard it needs to be even with the… Read more »

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Ideal Applications for a Hotsy

Since they were founded nearly fifty years ago, Hotsy has been producing a diverse line of powerful, reliable pressure washers to accommodate the cleaning needs of a variety of industries. Over the course of their history Hotsy pressure washers have cleaned all sorts of surfaces, from major league baseball stadiums to American jets in Iraq…. Read more »

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