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Gain Nationwide Support With Hotsy’s Extensive Dealer Network

Did you know that Hotsy has more than 130 certified dealers located throughout North America? These dealers provide a comprehensive suite of support services to keep your industrial pressure washer in optimal condition no matter where you area. Traveling to a job outside of our area in North Texas? No problem. Hotsy’s nationwide presence allows… Read more »

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Benefits of Buying From a Certified Hotsy Dealer

It’s no secret that Hotsy designs and manufactures some of the best industrial pressure washers on the market. But where are you going to go when you need to buy a new pressure washer? Will you buy a used model, look to a third-party vendor, or go straight to one of Hotsy’s certified dealers? By… Read more »

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Hotsy Certified Dealers Ensure Your Equipment Keeps Running

No matter how rugged your rig is, sooner or later it’s going to need some TLC. The folks at Hotsy understand that equipment downtime can easily cost a company thousands of dollars in labor fees and lost revenue. That’s why they partner with a network of trusted certified dealers staffed with professional technicians trained to… Read more »

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