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Hotsy Bulk Pak is an Economical Option for Detergent Demands

For some operations, a 5 gallon bucket of detergent is all you need. For other jobs, however, 5 gallons just isn’t going to cut it. For some of our customers, even a 55 gallon drum isn’t a cost-effective solution to their detergent needs. These companies have a lot of equipment to clean, and they need… Read more »

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Choosing the Right Detergent for the Job

Hotsy doesn’t just make powerful, reliable pressure washers; they also make a line of industrial strength detergents to cut through grease and grime as well. Hotsy’s super concentrated detergents are designed to increase the efficacy and efficiency of your pressure washer by providing it with the extra resources needed to remove even the most stubborn… Read more »

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