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7 Pressure Washer Safety Tips for Your Next Job

Hotsy Pressure Washer on Sidewalk

Pressure washers are immensely helpful, but just like any other power tool they can be dangerous if handled carelessly. Many of Hotsy’s pressure washers can deliver powerful jets of water at pressures upwards of 3000 PSI. Find yourself on the wrong side of that jet, and you can inflict some serious bodily harm. Likewise, it… Read more »

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Keep Bugs at Bay with Vital Oxide

  Safe and effective sanitization for back to school   As summer winds down, the school year ramps back up, and with it comes an increased risk of sickness. As children congregate, common colds and flus are often transmitted throughout a class, with each student stricken in turn with a case of the sniffles –… Read more »

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CLEAN Is More Than a Word – It’s a Mindset

Power Washing a Semi Truck

  A CLEAN approach can help in every aspect of your work     At NORTH TEXAS SALES & DISTRIBUTION, we often use “CLEAN” in our conversations, emails, social media and other places. While keeping equipment, machinery and other surfaces clean is obviously a primary goal for many people using pressure washers, detergents and other… Read more »

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Waving a Magic Wand to Clean

Telescoping Wand for a Pressure Washer

Using the right wand can make cleaning a breeze Caked-on mud stuck beneath a truck. Engine grease and oil on the shop floor. Clogged gutters choked with leaves and dirt. These are just a few of the common sights for experienced pressure washers, and all of these cleaning situations can benefit from adding a little… Read more »

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How to Properly Clean Your Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Clean Outdoor Patio in Texas

Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time to think about the place you’ll be spending a lot of your time in these next few months: the backyard. After months of cold weather and springtime pollen, there’s a good chance that your patio and outdoor furniture will need a touch-up before you break… Read more »

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Tips for Removing Graffiti with Hotsy Products

Are you struggling to remove graffiti from a concrete surface? It can be a tough job to do if you aren’t working with the right tools. Fortunately, you can get it done if you have access to a liquid graffiti remover and a pressure washer from Hotsy. Here are our tips that will make removing… Read more »

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