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Changing Seasons, Changing Approaches

Changing Pressure Washing Strategy with the Weather

There’s starting to be more of a nip to the morning air. The leaves are changing colors and falling from trees. All the telltale signs are there – fall is coming and that means winter’s not far behind. That also means that now’s the time to make sure that you, your team and your equipment… Read more »

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Waving a Magic Wand to Clean

Telescoping Wand for a Pressure Washer

Using the right wand can make cleaning a breeze Caked-on mud stuck beneath a truck. Engine grease and oil on the shop floor. Clogged gutters choked with leaves and dirt. These are just a few of the common sights for experienced pressure washers, and all of these cleaning situations can benefit from adding a little… Read more »

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Personnel Safety: Working Smart and Staying Safe

Hotsy employee working with customer on pressure washer training

Safety Month Highlight – Prevent Accidents with Training Your pressure washing and cleaning equipment is powerful, and when used safely can make removing dirt and grime a breeze. However, unsafe handling and improper use by employees can lead to accidents and injuries – some severe or life-threatening. As we continue to recognize National Safety Month,… Read more »

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What Gives CLEAN its ‘Oomph’? The Answer Is pH

The pH Scale

How Acidity and Alkalinity – and Beer – Impact Cleaning Cleaning different surfaces or grime requires a different approach. While this is fairly common knowledge, what is less commonly understood is the impact that pH has on your success. How acidic or how basic (or alkaline) a cleaning solution is can dramatically influence how well… Read more »

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Who Washes the Washmen?

Managing Wastewater and Runoff

Managing wastewater and runoff is critical when cleaning Washing away dirt and grime is the main goal of any cleaning job. Whether you’re removing grease and oil from machinery, rinsing off dirt and mud from a surface, or hosing out delivery trailers or animal stalls, your Hotsy pressure washer from North Texas Sales & Distribution… Read more »

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Hotsy’s Role in the Cleaning of Manufacturing Plants

CUDA SJ Series Parts Washer

If you’re in charge of running a manufacturing plant, you need to be concerned about more than just the products you are creating. You also need to take the time to maintain all of the equipment in your plant regularly, and furthermore, you need to keep your plant clean from top to bottom. There are… Read more »

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When to Change the Oil in Your Pressure Washer Pump

The water pump is essentially the heart of your pressure washer; without it, your machine can not operate. That’s why you need to take extra measures to ensure that it is in full working order. Signs it Needs to be Changed Most people who use a high-powered pressure washer describe the water as developing a… Read more »

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Electric vs. Gas-Powered Pressure Washers: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the differences between an electric and gas-powered pressure washer? No? Well, lucky for you, we do! A lot of people tend to opt for an electric pressure washer because they require very little maintenance. The downside of this is that they won’t last you for a decade. An electric pressure washer is… Read more »

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Protect Your Investment at North Texas Sales & Distribution

How much does equipment downtime cost your company? Economists have been trying to tease out a simple answer to this question for decades. Even by the most conservative estimates, however, downtime costs companies a lot. In 2002, the electrical engineering and computer science department at UC Berkeley estimated that one hour of downtime could cost… Read more »

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Essential Accessories for Your Hotsy Pressure Washer

When you bought your Hotsy pressure washer, you already knew that you were getting an industry-leading piece of machinery renowned for its strength and reliability. What you may not have realized, however, is that by putting your trust in Hotsy you also gained access to a line of invaluable accessories to augment the functionality of… Read more »

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