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Power in Mobility and the Hotsy Trail Blazer

When you’re working in the construction, oil, gas, and mining industries, a decent portion of your day is devoted to post-project cleanup, and this usually means you’re covering a large surface area when cleaning heavy duty equipment. For companies moving from job site to job site, the Hotsy Trail Blazer is your all-in-one mobile cleaning… Read more »

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Hit the Road With the Hotsy Trail Blazer

There’s no doubt that Hotsy’s pressure washers are powerful, but they’re not always quite as mobile. Some larger diesel-powered models like the Super Skid HHS can be particularly difficult to lug around for businesses that must travel to and from various job sites. In some cases, these companies can compromise with a smaller, more portable… Read more »

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Gain Added Mobility with the Hotsy Trail Blazer

Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers are a lot of great things, but one thing they’re not is light. By virtue of their heavy-duty reinforced construction, powerful engines and high fuel capacities, these pressure washers can get pretty heavy. All that weight shouldn’t keep you from getting your equipment where you need it quickly and easily. That’s… Read more »

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