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Inside NESTechnology and the Hotsy Pressure Washer Pump

NESTechnology, or Nested Seal Technology, is the unique technology that makes Hotsy pressure washer pumps the most durable brand of pumps on the market, providing pumps with a longer seal life over other pumps in the industry. The Pump Mechanism The seals of the Hotsy pressure pump are essentially “nesting” inside the machine, coyly positioned… Read more »

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Take a Look Inside the Hotsy High-Pressure Pump

At the heart of every Hotsy pressure washer lies a positive displacement high-pressure pump that provides the machine with its industrial strength cleaning power. This pump is fundamental to the pressure washer’s function, and that’s why Hotsy has been producing its own high-pressure pumps with the company’s patented NESTechnology since 1984. So what sets Hotsy’s… Read more »

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Why Choose a Hotsy Pressure Washer

There are plenty of pressure washers on the market, but not all are created equal. At North Texas Sales & Distribution, we deal exclusively in the sale and service of Hotsy brand pressure washers. Why? Anyone who’s employed a Hotsy in the past knows that their quality speaks for itself. For those of our readers… Read more »

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