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Have you Had Your Pressure Washer Serviced Yet?

From pressure washing a concrete patio to pressure washing a big rig, you can clean almost anything a Hotsy hot water or cold water pressure washer, but you won’t be able to get much done if your Hotsy pressure washer isn’t properly maintained. This is why Hotsy offers a free no obligation 15-pt. checkup when… Read more »

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9 Expert Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Pressure Washer Maintenance

While pressure washers are engineered to get the job done, they’re nothing without regular maintenance. And, frankly, there are several routine tasks that you can do yourself to make sure your pressure washer is always running smoothly. Here are a few DIY pressure washer maintenance tips to keep in mind: 1. Change the oil It… Read more »

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When to Use a Cold Pressure Washer

Here is our second post detailing the instances in which a pressure washer would come in handy. Below are some situations where you should use a cold pressure washer instead of hot water. To Clean Siding A cold pressure washer is ideal for cleaning the siding of a home’s exterior because it acts as an… Read more »

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Cold Weather Pressure Washer Care

Here in Texas, we’re fortunate in that we rarely experience long periods of freezing temperatures, even in the dead of winter. That said, it’s still important to prepare pressure washers for cold weather spells just in case. If your pressure washer isn’t properly protected against freezing temperatures, a cold snap could do serious damage to… Read more »

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Buy a Hotsy – Get a Lifetime of Service

There are plenty of good reasons to choose Hotsy for your pressure washing needs. Their welded frames and heavy-duty components make them ideal for rugged industrial applications. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the needs of different businesses. Their line of detergents offers additional cleaning power for especially dirty jobs…. Read more »

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Take Advantage of Hotsy’s Free 15 Point Checkup

When you buy a Hotsy, you don’t just get a rugged and durable industrial grade pressure washer; you also receive industry-leading maintenance services that will ensure your Hotsy will be keeping your equipment clean for many years.  One of their best services is their complimentary no obligation 15 point checkup. As an authorized Hotsy dealer… Read more »

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