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Under Pressure: How Hose Length Affects CLEAN

How Hose Length Affects Cleaning Power

How often have you been working on a pressure washing job and had to stop to move your equipment so that you had enough hose to reach the far edge of a surface? Using a pressure washer means that you’re tethered to your machinery, with the length of your hose dictating how far you can… Read more »

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Steamers vs. Pressure Washers: Which is Best?

Steamer vs Washer

When attacking a new cleaning job, you need to plan out the equipment and supplies needed to get the job done. Part of that is deciding whether you should use a steamer or a pressure washer to clean. Each of these tools offers different advantages in different situations, so let’s breakdown the benefits of each… Read more »

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Wash Away Dirt and Grime in Less Time

Use Hotsy accessories to clean flat surfaces this spring Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a dirty one. After the cold and wet winter season, spring brings more rain showers and mud – not to mention all the other sources of grime and gunk. Whether you’ve got salt and sand settled… Read more »

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Gain Added Mobility with the Hotsy Trail Blazer

Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers are a lot of great things, but one thing they’re not is light. By virtue of their heavy-duty reinforced construction, powerful engines and high fuel capacities, these pressure washers can get pretty heavy. All that weight shouldn’t keep you from getting your equipment where you need it quickly and easily. That’s… Read more »

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Take Advantage of Hotsy’s Free 15 Point Checkup

When you buy a Hotsy, you don’t just get a rugged and durable industrial grade pressure washer; you also receive industry-leading maintenance services that will ensure your Hotsy will be keeping your equipment clean for many years.  One of their best services is their complimentary no obligation 15 point checkup. As an authorized Hotsy dealer… Read more »

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A Brief History of Hotsy

Here at North Texas Sales & Distribution, we’re firm believers in the durable construction and reliability of Hotsy brand products. That’s why we’ve chosen to deal exclusively in the sale and service of Hotsy pressure washers. What makes Hotsy the ideal choice for industrial pressure washer options? We believe their history speaks for itself.  … Read more »

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