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Wisconsin Humane Society Keeps Facilities Clean With a Hotsy

From oil rigs to trucking depots, you can find Hotsy pressure washers in rugged work environments all across the country. But in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Hotsy has been serving a very different type of business for more than 20 years as well. Here in southeastern Wisconsin, the local humane society relies on a Hotsy pressure… Read more »

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Hotsy: Supporting Dairy Farmers in America’s Heartland

The residents of Wisconsin come by their “cheesehead” nickname honestly. In 2016, Wisconsin dairy farms produced more than 30 billion pounds of milk, accounting for a whopping 14 percent of the nation’s total milk production. Dairy farming has been a cornerstone of American agriculture for generations, and the epicenter of America’s dairy production can be… Read more »

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