Take a Look Inside the Hotsy High-Pressure Pump

At the heart of every Hotsy pressure washer lies a positive displacement high-pressure pump that provides the machine with its industrial strength cleaning power. This pump is fundamental to the pressure washer’s function, and that’s why Hotsy has been producing its own high-pressure pumps with the company’s patented NESTechnology since 1984. So what sets Hotsy’s pumps apart from their competitors?

Durable, Long-Lasting Components

Hotsy’s engineers don’t skimp on materials when designing and building these pumps. An oversized crankshaft prevents displacement and ensures reliable operation. The cast aluminum crank case and polished ceramic plungers resist corrosion from prolonged exposure to wet environments. Heavy-duty roller bearings keep everything running smoothly, no matter how tough the job is.


This patented feature of Hotsy pumps stands for “Nested Seal Technology.” Rubber seals are surrounded by thick brass pressure rings, and then “nested” into the pump’s high pressure packing assembly. This supports the sidewalls of the pump and reduces wear on the seals. Thanks to this type of construction, the seals are also better able to withstand high temperatures and spikes in water pressure.  As a result, Hotsy’s pump seals typically last about 3 times longer than the seals in other similar pressure washers.

Hotsy’s pumps are also protected by a 7-year warranty on the oil end of the pump, so you can rest easy should anything go wrong with yours. Want to learn a little more about the high-pressure pumps from Hotsy? Check out the video below to see a cross-sectional view of the pump in action.