The Hotsy Detergent Line: An Essential for Restaurateurs

Professionals in the hospitality and food preparation industries choose Hotsy brand detergent because the line is designed specifically for the high-pressure, high-temperature application essential to preventing cross contamination and food poisoning.

You can become a leader in your industry by investing in the right Hotsy brand detergent products. Read about the Hotsy Detergent line’s most effective solutions for tough kitchen cleaning below.


Carbo-Chlor: Carbo-Chlor is ideal for use on animal fats, animal crates and pens, seafood residue, and in food preparation, veterinarian, and farming applications. Mixed with a unique emulsifying formula, this chlorinated solution is tough on marred walls and floors, and can scrub away heavy oils and grease.

Miracle Wizz: This detergent is the recommended cleaning solution for food processing plants, bakeries, and automotive industries. Its high concentration makes the removal of baked-on carbon quick and painless. The solution is so powerful that it can strip graffiti off of walls.

Why Invest in Hotsy

Competing brands pale in comparison to the power of Hotsy brand cleaning solutions because they decompose over time. Many of these competing detergents are unable to withstand increased pressures with extended use. Hotsy detergents blend with water ratios of 150 parts to 1 part detergent so they can endure harsher application and last longer doing it. Hotsy detergents are extremely beneficial to businesses who would like to go green as they are completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.

The Hotsy brand Detergent line has been engineered with economical operation and cost effectiveness in mind. Cut through grease, mildew, and more with one of several hotsy detergents and chemicals to choose from!