Different Uses For Your Hotsy Pressure Washer

As the number one name in industrial cleaning in North America, Hotsy has been producing a diverse line of powerful, reliable pressure washers to accommodate the cleaning needs of a variety of industries. Over the course of their history Hotsy pressure washers have cleaned a variety of surfaces, from major league baseball stadiums to American jets in Iraq. Here are a few industries that utilize Hotsy washers:

Food Service/Processing
Professionals in the food service and processing industry must take care to adhere to strict regulatory guidelines that govern cleanliness in the workplace. Likewise, these folks understand the value of having powerful, effective cleaning tools around. Hot-water Hotsy pressure washers, which can reach temperatures of up to 200°F are a perfect option for cutting through stubborn grease from food prep areas.

Waste Management
It’s no surprise that waste management companies would powerful pressures washer to keep their equipment clean. That’s why Hotsy produces high output hot water pressure washers and specialized detergents to remove caked-on grime and residue.

Farm equipment was built to get dirty, and Hotsy pressure washers were made to get them clean again. Hotsy’s powerful stationary models are nicely suited for cleaning outbuildings, while their portable pressure washers are great for heavy machinery. Hotsy has been proudly serving farms all over the country since 1970.

Oil, Gas, and Mining
Powerful Hotsy pressure washers, working in conjunction with biodegradable detergents are perfect for removing stubborn oil and grease from equipment. It takes a rugged pressure washer to really cut through the dirt and grime involved in this industry. This is why so many companies choose Hotsy.


These are just a few of the many industries Hotsy serves with its industry-leading line of pressure washers. Want to learn more about all the Hotsy products and services available at North Texas Sales & Distribution? Browse our inventory online today for more information!