The Three Key Elements of Hot Water Pressure Washing

When you need to remove stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime, sometimes cold water just won’t cut it. For these jobs, a hot water pressure washer can make life a whole lot easier. If you’re cleaning anything with oil or grease – automotive parts or kitchen appliances, for example – hot water is downright essential. So why is hot water cleaning so effective? In fact, there are three elements that work together to clean surfaces when using a hot water pressure washer. Let’s start with the obvious one.


Water molecules move faster when they’re hot, thereby increasing their effectiveness as a cleaning agent. Heat reduces the water’s surface tension so it’s better able to penetrate grime and remove it from surfaces.


This is the action of the water impacting the soiled surface at high velocities. It essentially acts as a powerful, efficient alternative to scrubbing. Bear in mind that heat enhances the effectiveness of agitation by reducing the water’s surface tension.


Finally, the failsafe. Detergents use chemical softening agents known as surfactants to weaken the molecular bonds between dirt and the surface you’re cleaning. Detergents also help to remove oil and grease by allowing them to mix with water, rather than repel it.

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